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LEGACY REAL ESTATE GROUP: Integrity+Passion+Dedication+Service


Legacy Real Estate Group is a team of dedicated & experienced REALTORS® devoted to EARNING your business by providing the highest level of ethical and quality representation.  Our mission is to make sure each client feels well educated, fully represented & pleased with our services throughout the process.  We work together nonstop to make sure the buying and/or selling process is a positive one for YOU!

Painting & Staging

Let us help you prepare your home for the market at little cost to you.  We can help make suggestions with paint and using as much of your own decor as possible.  Save the big bucks for your next home!


At Legacy Real Estate, we will go above and beyond to market your property to buyers near & far.  From quality & tasteful pictures to the colorful description, we want people to fall in love & see the potential before they even walk thru the door.   Pricing, curb appeal, photo angles, lighting, staging & design are all important factors in making that happen. We will use our website and social media, along with other real estate websites to share your property, along with sharing it directly with clients we know are in the market. You hire us to sell your property & we feel we do the BEST job around.  

We make every effort to promote & protect our clients, so we encourage all buyers to have a current preapproval prior to making appointments to view your home.  Because we are full time agents who can be available anytime a buyer is, we no longer hold open houses. We can better protect your personal property, and our goal is to sell your home quickly to qualified buyers. 

Residential & Commercial Sales

"When looking for a new house we had many needs and wants. We needed at least 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with 3 kids. We wanted a great yard and great location in the country.  We looked at many houses over about a year. “Our” home was the first house we looked at in that years’ time. It was a short sale and wasn’t in the best condition, we loved it anyways. We made our offer then found out it was going to go through the foreclosure process. We waited and waited. Then after a year of waiting and Michelle taking us to see many other houses, including one almost accepted offer, “our” house was back on the market. We were on vacation when it came up for sale. She called us right away and told us we needed to make an offer. She was even going to fax us paper work to our vacation destination to make sure we would not miss out on “our” house! She went above and beyond to make sure “our” house became our home! The closing day was so exciting and she was there with as much enthusiasm as we had! In the mean time we had decided to keep our current house due to remodel on the new home. When it was ready to go on the market she took amazing photos and gave great suggestions for resale staging. When it didn’t sell right away and we were ready to move out she had a nice renter to move in to take over expenses. We remained owners until it was sold, but our renter saved us on paying for an empty house.  She was a great realtor and has become a great friend to us! There is not another person I would want to help me find a home or sell my existing home!"

                                                     ~Jeff & Jessica Sisul

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