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Bertie McMillian

Broker's Assistant

I was born and raised in Oskaloosa and although currently living in New Sharon, I have a heart for Osky.  52 years ago, I married my high school sweetheart, Charlie.  We have two amazing daughters who have blessed us with 2 grandsons & 3 granddaughters. We are proud of all our grandkids. Some of them have given our family the start of our 4th generation with 3 great-granddaughters.  They have become our heartbeat and one of the blessings God has given us.  My husband and I are both motorcycle enthusiasts and love riding with friends or as a couple.  I have a passion for backyard gardening and continue to evolve it into an oasis to come home to.  I call it my "Ruach Garden" which is Hebrew for "Breath of God."  I am a graduate of Indian Hills College, and I served 2 years as a Board member for the Stilwell Public Library in New Sharon.

For any assistance needed for Michelle, please reach out and I'd be glad to help you:

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