DIY Staging Tips To Make Your Home More Sellable

The phrase “curb appeal” has long been at the forefront of the home selling conversation. “You’ve gotta get people in the door,” right? Well, maybe. As it turns out, the effort it takes for a potential buyer to see the inside of your home is probably no more than tapping the screen of their smartphone. So, what will that buyer see once they schedule a tour, or when they simply click on your online listing? It’s a very good idea to spend some time staging your home and adding high-quality photos to your listing, so your home’s “web appeal” is just as strong as its curb appeal.

Before you stress out about adding yet another step to this already long and expensive process, take a deep breath. Just a few simple adjustments and inexpensive additions will have a huge impact on the way buyers feel while touring your home. Here are five great ways to help them imagine their future lives in your home.

1. Add Mirrors

Mirrors are clean and add brightness to rooms, while also adding style and class. Mirrors also affect perspective by making rooms appear larger and showing buyers an image of themselves in what might be their next house. If you’re hoping to avoid a big price tag, try moving the mirrors you already have to strategic locations or consider borrowing from friends or neighbors.

2. Get The Right Rugs

Area rugs can be make-or-break, so it’s very important to make sure your rugs don’t have any stains. Also be sure that the colors and design fit with the style and colors of your furniture and walls. If not, it’s probably better to store that rug somewhere else. Also be sure that your rug is the right size for the area it covers. If the front legs of churches or chairs are at least touching the rug, you’re doing it right.

3. Declutter

Any clutter in any part of your home is very distracting and unhelpful for buyers when envisioning their lives in a home. People tend to romanticize about the future, and clutter could ruin the positive feelings they get from imagining their clean, happy new home. Decluttering before a showing has a double advantage of also showing you what your life could be like with a little less mess.

4. Take Down Your Personal Pictures

Again, the goal of staging and showing your home is to help buyers see themselves living there. Your family photos will only remind them of the past, distracting from the future they could have if they buy your home.

5. Clean Like Crazy

Make sure to do a deep clean. Everywhere. People can be extra skeptical and tend to examine homes carefully when shopping, so pay close attention to corners, shelves, countertops, and windows. Getting your carpets cleaned is also a great idea if high-traffic areas have gotten worn or matted down. Giving your carpet a good shampoo will also make your house smell fresh and clean.

Reading and researching is great, but the perspective you gain from viewing other staged homes may prove to be invaluable. If you are selling your home, you’re probably also looking to buy, so try going on a few home tours and take note of what you look for. What are you noticing? What are some problem areas? What do you like about the way they’ve set it up? Finally, have your real estate agent take a look and you’re all set!

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