Get Your Future Home Inspected!

If you’ve toured a home and fallen in love with it, you may think you’re ready to buy. You might be pre-approved for a loan. You might even be all packed up. But if you buy a home before having it inspected, you could be walking into a money pit. No matter how scrupulous your own “inspection” may have been, it’s always best to have a professional examine a home to find what you can’t see and ask the questions you don’t know to ask. You may feel that you’ve found your dream home but that dream could turn to a nightmare. Getting the place inspected before closing can give you peace of mind, save you money in the future, and even help you negotiate.

Looming unknowns can add a load of stress to buying a home. An inspector will point out any potential safety issues to protect you and your family from surprises that could cause injuries or even sickness. Paint and furniture might make things look okay, but you need to know what’s behind the walls. An inspector can make that possible.

Whether it’s damage that could put you at risk or just problems that will drive you crazy, fixing them could really put a damper on your finances. Don’t wait till you renovate your bathroom to learn that the whole house’s plumbing needs replaced. Big projects will become bigger, and long projects will become longer, costing you money. Let an inspector uncover those problems ahead of time, so that — even if you still buy — you’re aware of what you’re getting into and can prepare.

Another benefit of finding any problems with the home before you buy is that you might be able to bring the price down. There’s a good chance the seller was hoping you wouldn’t find some things and planned to lower their asking price if you did. They may even cover the cost of repairs. You’ll want to talk to your agent about negotiating the best deal for your particular situation.

Every step of buying and selling a home is an investment in your future. Having a home inspected before you buy will either boost your confidence that you’re choosing the right home, or it will save you from throwing time and money away by buying a house with hidden flaws. If you’ve found your dream home, make sure you’re not actually dreaming. A home inspection could be a bit of a wake up call, but living in a home you know is safe will help you sleep a little better.

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